Organ donation & horrible Christian music...

Well, I don't really know what to say, so I'll just comment on the pictures :P

This was a consert with a lot of different bands. As I understood, the concert was held in the memory of one man named Salvador Cardenal. He was a singer/songwriter who died two years ago of a rare disease. And the people who made speeches there, focused on helping chronically ill people and the importance of organ donation.

And yes it's important! Here's my donor card signed 22.06.09. I guess there's an app for it now, right? So if you haven't got a card of your own yet, then download the app, or you can do it on the internet (just click on the picture above)...If you want to of course! Remember, it can change somebody's life! And maybe, you'll never know, it's actually you who's gonna need a donation... Think about it :)

Well, that was today's "advertising" :P ...Moving on!

Drinking a few beers in La Olla Quemada :) Cheers!

A Christian (Evangelical Protestants?) parade of some kind. Apparently they really like this things around here. Two Friday mornings in a row there havebeen a parade at 5am with like "sad" (HORRIBLE!) music, a guy who preaches and people who's comming out of their houses to watch this. AT 5 AM! I think it got something to do with Easter. I've also heard that it's illegal, but.. who cares, like? Kind of interesting though, you wouldn't see this in Norway!

I had to say goodbye to my shoes the other day.. Sad moment!

A pizza place near the hostel :)

And yeah, the spanish. I think it's going in the right direction, but it's SO MUCH to keep in mind ALL THE TIME. My head is SO confused. But I try to talk when I have the chance (but it's not easy) and I really like the language :)


More pictures!

Here's some more pictures from Granada. The internet has been kinda bad lately so I haven't been updating in a while... Anyway, Mariam has requested some pictures where I'm actually IN the photo.. So here you go, querida ma;

Laguna de Apoyo


Laguna de Apoyo

Near the marked it was a guy who had a dancing course for the kids :) I think it's a really good initiative!

Luxury-bus! - So much space :D


Last weekend me and some girls visited Granada. It seemed more relaxed than Len, but had much more tourists! Pretty weird.. Well, the first day we went for some shopping. I bought a beautiful long dress - it was white when I bought it, but after I got it back from the laundry it was kind of yellow... Damn!

Saturday we went to the Mombacho Volcano Natur Reserve where we went through the cloud forest. There you can find some unique plants and insects (f.ex. a butterfly with transparent wings which only exists there), and our guide said that maybe the cure of cancer could be found there...? Next stop was a canopy-tour - IT WAS FUN! The highlight of the weekend, definitely :D And we saw a lot of moneys too! :) Afterwards we went for a swim in the Laguna de Apoyo which is Central-Americas deepest and cleanest lagoon. And then, on our way back to Granada, we got Flor de Caa rum and coke (Nica-libre) from our guide - shocker! At last we went to a tobacco factory and a chocolate factory.

We visited a market in a small town near Granada on Sunday, before we headed back to Len. There I bough a pair of high-heels made of real leather for under 200NOK - me gusta! :D

In both evenings we went to the "tourist street" and I felt like I was back in Playa del Ingls - I did not like it! So much bullsh*t with the PR-ing... You get a feeling that nobody tells you the truth, the only thing they want from you is your money, and it doesn't matter HOW they get it. It makes me sick to my stomach! Of course it wasn't that bad in Granada. Actually it wasn't bad at all, I think - I just got some bad memories from Playa del Ingls... And still I want to go back there..! Funny, ain't it? :P

Well, I'm not gonna bother you with my opinion of GC (maybe I will at some other point though), so here's some pictures instead;

We visited a coffee-house before we went up to Mombacho. We got some nice strong coffee - great way to start the day :)



Again, the internet is not working properly, so no more pictures today.. Gonna put up some more tomorrow - maana, maana!


Weekend in Len!

The weekend began with a trip to Len Viejo and the Laguna del Tigre for those students who wanted that, organized by Kulturstudier. Len Viejo is where the city of Len originally was founded. But after several bad events the city was moved only 86 years after it was established. Then we went to the Laguna del Tigre where most of us went for a swim.

Later that night we went to Oxygen where we got a biiiiiig strawberry daiquiri on the house! Sigrid Blueballoon likes this! I also learned some Hebrew :P

On Saturday me and three girls went to Hotel San Cristobal. It's a nice hotel where we get student price. So we can go there for sunbathing, swimming in the pool and doing homework - which was exactly what we did :) (And yes, we have an amazing life!) Then in the evening we first went to Chilli Inn (restaurant and hostel). It was a fundraiser there for the people who works in the sugar plantations. They work like 16 hours or something per day and get 40 crdobas for that (10 NOK). So it's gonna be createda case against the owners/managers. Anyway, in that occasion we took a hula hoop course. It was really fun! I actually would like to learn some more - so if anyone knows where I can do that, please tell me!

The talented students

The even more talented teacher. She really knew what she was doing, it was so cool watching her!

Later we went to another fundraiser - a concert in Olla Quemada. It's a lot of fundraising here, and it often involves partying - so we're actually partying for a good cause! ;) Last stop was Camaleon. (The hottest after party spot in Len, as they say. Well, I don't know of any other "after party spot" here anyway, but okey...) It was full when we came there, but after half an hour standing in a big mess, we finally entered - and of course only the girls was allowed inside. It's like being in GC all over again! ;P

Have anyone heard of a normal queue??

Well, that was my weekend. Sunday was all about relaxing and homework - in other words nothing interesting.


Pictures from Ometepe!

The high quality boat!


At "the disco" in the villige :P

Drunk horseback riding!

Last Wednesday I was in Managua with a friend, for a birthdayparty. Only Nicaraguan people. It was fun, although I couldn't talk so much with them lol. Didn't have any battery on my camera so I don't have any pictures from that.

Then Thursday I played football with some other students. It's been three years since I played, so it was hard, but of course very fun! Gonna play again this Thursday.

On Friday we didn't have any school, so me and seven other students went to Ometepe. It's an island in Lake Nicaragua, formed by two volcanoes. On Saturday some of us were going to one of the volcanoes, but only two of the girls made it. I went halfway. It's obvious that I haven't been traning the past few years! :p Some of the others were horseback riding and went to a rodeo. In the evening it was a big party in the villige. There, the people were not drunk driving, but rather drunk horseback riding lol

Okey, the internet is really bad now so i can't put up any pictures. But gonna do that tomorrow!


Wedding, volcano and el dia del amor!

What's new?

Hmm.. Okey, Saturday I was in a Nica wedding. It was a small and pretty casual wedding. The ceremony was not in a church, but in.. another location. Don't know how to describe it really. But it was fun. LOUD music, as it normaly is in Nica, and alot of dancing of course. And rum! Haha. Earlier that day we went to a beach near the village. It was really beautiful there, the hotel aswell!

Then Sunday we went to a volcano, Cerro Negro. It's the youngest volcano in Central-America - born in 1850. We went all the way up (not that it was a long trip), and then ran down again. FUN! And then of course, clumsy as I am, I fell when I came down.

Cerro Negro

At the top! (Kind of cool; when we dug a bit down in the ground, we found stones that were pretty warm!)

Really cool to have when you're wearing a dress :P

So today was el dia del amor. Some of the students gathered for dinner and quiz, arranged by Kulturstudier. My team didn't win though... But it was fun :)

When we came home from school we found this in our beds :)

Quiz-night! Team J-j-j-julius. They came 2nd - congratz!


The past week!

Okey, a little bit about the last few days. We've had both spanish and Latin American studies. And we have a lot to read in LA studies! The spanish seems good. Two times a week we have grammar with a norwegian teacher, and then we have gruop lessons (I'm in a group with three other girls) two times a week with a spanish teacher. So in the groups we only speak spanish, which is really good training.

Yesterday, Friday, all the studentes had an introduction day. We learned a lot about Nicaragua - its history and culture. In the evening it was a welcome party for all the students. It was a lot of fun and A LOT of dancing! I didn't take any pictures because my camera was out of battery... But here is some pictures from the past week:

Via Via is a nice place to take a drink. Every Friday they have live music.

Drunk american taking our picture in Via Via, that's why I'm in half lol

From Olla Camada (or something) - they had live music Wednesday.

Norwagian flag!

Q pasa??

On Sunday we're gonna visit a volcano so that's gonna be interesting!


School at the beach!

Today was the first day of school. We took a spanish test to find out what level we're at. Then we had almost two hours to do whatever... - of course we headed to the beach! And yes, I got some color :) After that we got lunch, and then we went to different places we can use in our spare time, like football grounds, swimmingpools and a library.

Our studycenter is in there

The waves are pretty strong



It came a lot of students to Leon yesterday. So now me and Merete aren't all alone in Santiago, where we are staying. It's a lot of people and a lot of names to remember! I'm looking forward to start the semester tomorrow, get to know the other ones and learn espaol!

Today was the first meeting with Kulturstudier. We got some information about the people working there, the studycentre, what to do and not to do (the ground rule was to always TAKE A TAX(!!!) after dark) etc. Then we went to a hill outside Leon where we got to know a little bit about the history of Nicaragua/Leon. What got stuck in my mind was that until two years ago it was illegal to be gay, and today it's still not allowed to have an abortion (not even if it's dangerous for the motther to have the pregnancy). If a doctor does make an abortion in a public hospital he could be sent to jail. That's so far away from Norway!

Well, here's some pictures:

Our nearest supermarked. Kind of "Kardemommeby"-ish, like my roomate says!

Leon got all this nice paintings on the houses. Makes the city colorful and cozy :)


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